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Willow Grubs in NZ Fly news, Felt soled boots & Simms,New Superior Fly Floatant, Mouse eating fish photo, Santa goes fly fishing in Summer

January 2012
I,m about to get a wee bit busy with some fly fishing schools and some guiding for Jan so i,m writing this blog today the 30th of Dec. OH! In my news letter Chris D did not eat any of the willow grubs(that would be dangerous kids) and Miserable Mark my client-  Laughed so much and had so much fun when i was guiding him- i decided to call him Miserable Mark- This is for those that do not get my Humor in the Jan news letter!! :)- if that is what its called!  Remember if you did not get the latest January Stu's News- You NEED to sign up for it!!-(on the front page of the web site)
well over 9yrs to perfect!! One of my Goals in Fly Design- yet so simple.

The weather-
 For the past two weeks its been like the February Summers , No wind and scorching hot! Every other day they forecast rain but it never happens. There is a big water shortage here at the moment, if we dont get rain soon- the farmers will this year be stopped by Environment southland (as they now have triggers on the rivers) from pulling water from the rivers for irrigation! Which can only be a good thing for the future of our waterways.
As you may know i,m on rain-tank water and i nearly have run out-  But my neighbor SUPER Kev(a man who can fix anything) has come to the rescue and we have got a bore in my garden working again! So now the tank is full again and i can now try and water the back section to get that grass i have been trying to grow happening- mind you this is now my second attempt at sowing the seed etc. Some how i,m better at growing weeds  than grass.
Looking at the long range forecast though it looks like wind and a bit of rain coming for  January.
Its Christmas yet! The decorations are melting! Summer is early
Here is a photo of Santa having a laugh!


All the rivers and lakes are dropping quite quickly and getting low and clear. With already in the upper reaches of some river systems some fish are getting trapped in pools. 
When the rivers drop like this there is only one place for the fish to go and thats down stream , so now you will find higher numbers of trout in the middle reaches of most systems.
With Fish this Fat! there has to be Mice around!


In the shop and on the banks of most rivers - Blow flies are abundant from small to very large. my Deadly Blowfly with a size 18 killer  or nz grey mayfly nymph seems to be allot of peoples go to trout catching rigs at the moment.
One of my clients caught a trout last week on a Cicada- but although they are chirping - its still not the go to fly.
In the riffles- a mayfly bomb with a king pogo  is pretty lethal - the floating king pogo nymph just dances in the water column, above the stones.
As for the Larvae of the saw fly the willow grubs in this heat are falling from the trees- with everyday people coming in for dozens of my willow grub pattern. Accurate casting, drag free and fine 3.5lb Rio fluro is the key with this pattern- See my news letter this month for all the gory details!
Stu's NZ killer as a dropper works yet again on the west coast!


"How cool could you make a fly fishing shop at the bottom of the world?"
Lewis- UK

"Got your package today. Flies look amazing, can't wait to try them."

See you in Feb.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dorian- Singapore

"Hi Stu,just had a 8 days in nz and all the flies went well-especially the grey active nymph.will try your new 'hot' nymphs",
Ross,thanks.- Australia

Really appreciate your tying and techniques, they are quite revolutionary! I had seen an article on your flies in Aus/NZ Flyfisher (#9) and I’ve noticed in some of your flies I’ve seen (Mayfly Bomb, World’s Deadliest Nymph, etc) that there is a legging material you attach to your thoraxes that I do not recognize. If I may ask, what is this material and where can I get some of these legs?

scott clifford- NZ

What a year its been again, with so much happening in the world and at the shop. New fly designs and now my move into my own branded products. Just like my flies i will never sell you guys anything that is of poor quality. A years of research has resulted in me working with another in producing the new  superior quality range of floatant and fantastic new line cleaner. 

The New Superior Product Range! Check out the cheap prices!


Yes - felt soled boots are banned in NZ. I also hear they are this year about to be banned Alaska!  Yes the guys that turned the wading boot world on its head announcing they for environmental issues would stop producing felt soled boots, with many of the other companies saying they would follow suit- Have reneged in what they have said - as they still have demand for them and can make heaps of money!  So it does make me wonder! How much money do some need!
I personally think felt sole boots are a vector for spreading many different invasive species- as i know from experience they are very hard to clean and penetrate the sole with cleaning agents!!! Just some Stu Thoughts!! :)
Check out the new Superior line cleaner and accelerator- after treating your line with this new formula - it will float and shot much better , and last much longer!!

I Wish all of you the best for 2012 and may you and all your Keep friends Supporting Stu's Fly Shop for another year. Hopefully you still in 2012. You will like my new designs and news letters etc.

Happy New Year!
Stu - "driven by sheer passion and living the dream"

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Merry Christmas, Mice in the NZ beach forest,NZ fly fishing Guides, Manuka beetles, Stu's Superior flies,


Make sure you let all the millions, know about this blog and Stu's fly shop- so they can support Stu's fly shop , that has more passion than a 60yr old man after taking  Viagra! thats that wee pill they say makes your willy stand to attention!
This happy guide from Montana- knows the benefits of using Stu's Superior flies!!
Hey guys and girls ,you will have to bear with me this year- so no more death threats if you turn up and i have had to work else where, please., as the shop has been quieter than normal- so if i have guiding i have to shut the shop as there is not enough funds for wages for staff.
But do not worry help is coming in a tartan KILT!!
If you want to contact the best way is to email me and i,ll do my best to get back to you asap.


! Stu's Deadly Blow fly with a killer nymph as a dropper is working a treat, although many big trout seem to be taking the Deadly blow fly- !! Manuka beetles are also floating down the backcountry rivers , although hard to see sometimes- believe me the fish in some areas are very keyed into these metallic morsels.
A deadly blow fly victim! on a spring creek! Honest i have seen this  fisherman smiling before, he does not always look that serious!! but hey those sand flies!
Thanks very much for the fantastic new fly patterns. They are beautiful and look just too good to use. The little tags really show that they are special.

They also came in "Stu's Superior packaging" it's almost man-proof! : )

That Blowfly is the best looking blowfly I've ever seen. Ticks all my boxes, sight post, profile, buoyancy, a real winner, it's even got Stu's trademark legs!

I also like the killer nymphs, slim profile, quick sink, legs, another great pattern. I'd present these to any trophy fish no worries. 

You have a great eye for catching the essence of a fly and creating an abstraction that using appropriate new 'techy' materials.

Martin Simpson- - NZ


All the rivers are  either at normal flow ,but are dropping, so we need some rain, plus i need some rain for my water tank and my bad attempt at growing a new lawn.
So the rivers are gin clear and the trout are all starting to look up for terrestrials. This does not mean that you still will not have fun with nymphs as remember about 90% of a trouts food comes from under the surface!!
I have heard a few reports in the Fiordland area of people getting to rivers on the other side of the lake to find others already there. I suppose its always a gamble when you go to any spot that others may be there or have been the day before. Usually most people can sort it out and all have some water, in some river systems  you do not need too much water to have a fun day. But for some i ask myself what is a fun day! - lots of fish! , no people, meeting lots of people! eating the lunch that your partner made for you on the river bank!? - just some Stu thoughts ;)
Pretty awesome imitations!
I few people have come through the shop that have walked up the greenstone river and have commented how many fish they caught and lost , all mainly on Manuka beetles and blowflies.


There seems to quite a few mice around in the Glenorchy area , with many folks telling me they are running all over the place in the day ,when they have been doing say the Routeburn walk. This Means that at night there will be even more falling into the rivers,lakes and swimming across . Soon the trout will key onto these swimming cheese burgers.
A local fishing club did there annual outing to Mavora lakes and fished into the night with mouse patterns with the largest trout being caught - weighing in at 8 1/2 pounds.
Question- are these nymphs!
Remember i have two sizes of deer hair mouse flies available on Tmc bass hooks, if needed.


- For those that are waiting i should have these in this week and also some more fishpond gear. Also in stock with  only a few left are- women in waders calendars 2012 , connect dvd and a few models of the Sage ONE fly rod as well as heaps of other cool sexy gear!


If you are coming to NZ and getting a guide do your home work.
At this time of year the yellow bloom of Gorse and Broom is intense!
Every year i hear of guides turning up without any flies,tippet or leaders when guiding some clients. One even managed to forget fly rods. Remember anyone can be a guide in NZ - or say they are- there are no laws, guides license etc- so if you looking for any guides, do your own home work, sometimes its best not to go on what some one else says, do not be disappointed with using a guide- a good guide will assist you in catching nz trout and becoming a better angler as well as having a bit of fun! and if that all fails - you will still have to pay him!

Have a fun time during the Festive season!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Movember,Water beetle fly design,Nz brown trout, Orange fly line and Pink fly rod

A still water/back water deadly pattern! The water beetle
As you all know the rivers have been up and down , dirty and clear all season.
But now i can officially confirm that all the waterways that i know are running gin clear, Maybe with a few  in the deeper pools still having that cloudy snow melt color.

When the waters were dirty , i  sent a few folks off to some lakes , who also had some fun using the water beetle pattern. Usually i have a 10ft trout leader and tie on about 2 ft of fluro 5lb tippet. Spot my target and cast well in-front of it as it nears the fly i give it a wee twitch and 9 times out of ten they nail it. You normally do not feel the fish as they can inhale and spit it all so quickly , watch for the white of there mouth or a tell tale trout feeding move and lift the rod.

Clear water- all round for December!!
Movember has just gone past and i,m not sure that all of you know . All over the world people mainly guys grow facial hair(although some women manage well) :). To raise money for prostate cancer and depression. This year the local cafe organized the event Movember Athol.
 About 20 males from around the area , entered the comp as there was a big cabbage to be won for the best Mustache. 
I gave it a crack and on the final day of judging we all lined up and got out facial hair judged by some lady judges.
I did not win the cabbage and it was a nice big one as well on a wooden plaque. But between us all we had a laugh , and managed to rasie over  $8oo nz for a very good cause. So if you can next year do your best to raise some money and have some fun for Movember. :)

Two weeks into Movember and the facial hair growing, This trout could not resist kissing this french man!
Connect the dvd ,that i had held up in customs for some time , has arrived and is now shipping for Xmass.


I woke up this morning, got dressed and went in the kitchen where my wife was already fixing breakfast.

I looked to see what she was cooking, and I see one of my socks in the frying pan."What are you doing?" I asked her.

"I'm doing what you asked me to do last night when you came to bed very drunk," she replied.

Completely puzzled, I walked away thinking to myself........"I don't remember asking her to cook my sock."!!

Thank you for all your awesome support everybody